Mary W. Capers, at Camden, South Carolina, to Elizabeth R. Braxton. 1868 February 21

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          Camden S. C. Feb 21st 1868


    Once again sweet Sister, is it my privilege

& pleasure to reply to a welcome missive

from you : how welcome let this very

early answer be convincing proof:  Days,

weeks, & months flew by as I anxiously & im-

patiently awaited [hearing?] from you, but I

felt afraid that the 14th would not be forgot-

ten & my heart did not deceive me, for as I

sat in an arm chair before the fire yesterday

afternoon, rocking & thinking of you, Buddie

came in from the Office & placed in my

hand, just what I was expecting, your thrice

welcome epistle ; It contained though

dearest Bettie, one sentence that pained me

much : "I began to think perhaps you had

gone to Charleston to live & in the blessedness

of another state, had forgotten me" : why,

my own precious Sister, how could you