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judge me so unjustly : think you that I

could send drifting away on the current of

time, as it glides swiftly by, the sweet hallowed

thoughts of you that have ever filled my mind?

have I given you such an imperfect idea of

my affection for you, that such a thing should

have been suggested?  You do not know your

fond, loving little pet, Bettie, darling, or you never

could have supposed what is so contrary to her

nature : & even had it been true that I was en-

joying the "blessedness of another state" why

think that in that state I had forgotten

you? were fickleness even one of my charac-

teristics, I could not banish you from my

memory, for neither time, place, or any

fortuitous circumstances surrounding me

in after life, can sever the sacred tie that

binds me to you : indeed I assure you, best

loved Sister, amid all the vicissitudes

of my life, even to its very close, my heart

will remain true to you : your image will

ever be one of the dearest & my thoughts of

you ever the most tender & loving, for among