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the sweet circlet of friends & loved ones closely

clustered in my heart, there is not a brighter

gem than your own dear self : to none

can I ever resign your place; for no one in

all the world can I ever feel the same sacred

love that my heart cherishes for you : Now

Bettie darling, you will not think so un-

justly of your little pet again, will you?

write me a long, sweet letter very soon, & tell

me that, though I may never see, in this

world, the face that of all others I most wish

to see; may never be clasped in the arms

that I long most to feel around me; may

never receive the kisses that I would so high-

ly prize & may never hear the sweet pet

names that my heart yearns for from day

to day; you do love me & will not let any one

steal my place in your heart : I think you

would be much amused, if you could see me

glancing over each of your missives, in eager

search for the pet names they contain: so

impatient for a sight of them, that I can-

not wait to carefully peruse the letter &