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enjoy them as they come, & I am sure I

would have to steal off alone to hide my

tears, should I ever open a letter from you

that did not contain these sweet assurances

of your love : Dearest Bettie, do you not

grow weary of my prolix epistles?  they are

such poor returns for you "extracts of sweet-

ness" :


I hope & suppose that your visits have

been as delightful as my visit to our dear

old "City by the Sea": I enjoyed every moment

spent there & think the trick did me so

much good, I should not have to run away

from home this summer as I usually do, in

hopes of being benefitted by change of air &

scenery; & besides everything is so out of order,

so very unsettled, in our poor, suffering State,

I could not enjoy myself at a distance from

the loved ones : Oh! how much do I wish I

could have been in Washington!! I have two

cousins on a visit there & I might at least

have heard much of you from them had

I only known that you intended visiting the