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old Capital, for they have heard me speak

of you so frequently, they are quite anxious to

see & know you & I feel confident that it will be

a source of great regret to them, that they

have missed such an opportunity of becom-

ing acquainted with you : Bettie, wont

you have a likeness taken for me, while in

Richmond? Please do, darling Sister, for I

want a good one, one that is just like you

& you know you have told me that the one

I now have is a perfect caricature :


The weather now is perfectly charming & all

nature seems preparing to welcome genial

Spring : I, too am glad, for 'tis my favorite

Season, & as I have had nothing particular

to engage my attention this Winter, as I had

last, it has been an unusually long & un-

pleasant one to me : then too another cause

of rejoicing is, that Spring will bring with

it the return of my Brother's wife to our

home-circle : She is a dear sweet Sister &

pets me so, that she has completely spoiled

me, though indeed there is not one of the