Mary W. Capers Thomason, at Lancaster Court House, to Bettie Braxton. 1869 January 29, 1870 February 5

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               Lancaster C. H. Jan' 29th /69


Bettie, precious Sister, I wonder if while

I am thinking of & writing to you, one sin-

gle stray thought of my little self is, pas-

sing through your mind & if so what it

is:  Do you know, that I am away from

home & settled at our appointment for

this year? Yes! I am among perfect strangers,

dearest Sister & am feeling deeply the very

weighty responsibilities now resting upon

me as a minister's wife, but in spite of

all there is to make me feel discontented

& very sober, I am cheerful & happy & indeed

cannot be otherwise while my precious

husband is with me : Now, having to put