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I knew well how to keep house, until now

that I have Ma to depend on no longer, I

find myself sadly deficient : but Mr T___

knows still less about it so cannot laugh

at me : The truth is though, my faults as

a housekeeper are all owing to my not fully

realizing yet that I am married & have

household duties to attend to, for I often

get to playing with Mr T___ or am enjoying

a conversation with him, while being petted

to my heart's content & allow the entire

morning to slip away, when Lo! the dinner

hour arrives & the astounding thought

presents itself, that dinner has not been

given out : Can you not imagine my feel-

ings at such a time!


You ask darling Sister how I "got through

with the ceremony" & if I was much agitated"

I had a real nervous chill, but my reply

though tremulous was distinct – I do not think any but