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of "Papa & Mama" most persons say & named

(by him) for me : Mary Capers : We call her

Mary & she is the merriest little creature

I ever saw : If you could see her sometimes

when I take her from the bed after a nap;

hair rumpled, rosy little lips ready for a

coo : beautiful, bright eyes dancing with

merriment, little hands tossing here & there,

just ready for a frolic, you would be com-

pelled to confess; 'tis one of the sweetest pic-

tures human eyes can gaze upon:


I am once again away from home & its

loved ones, (after a visit of three months

there) & am so spoiled (for they all make

such a pet of me) I hardly know how to feel

satisfied without them : I have one of my

Sisters with me all the time though & my

precious Husband pets me as much as ever

too, so I have quite enough to make me

happy though away from home & deprived

of its comforts :    You ask if I am "as much

in love as ever" : Why! my dear Sister, I get more