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& more so every day & I assure you, I would

not, even if such a thing was possible, be

single again for all the world : Is your

heart still proof against Cupids arrows

or has he found it vulnerable & made you

surrender at last?  Believe me! married

life is, by far, happier than a single one,

provided, the chosen one be one whom you

can love & trust :                   I often think

of you darling Sister & with the same tender-

ness & love as of yore, so think not, because

I am married now I care less for my

friends of former days : Write to me just

as often as you can & tell me all about your-

self, for anything concerning you will be in-

teresting to me & I assure you I will find

time, amid my many duties, to talk with

you:         You have doubtless learnt from

the papers long ere this, that we have re-

turned to Lancaster & an ugly, dull place

indeed it is, but our work is here & I try

to be contented (tho' the Parsonage is a shabby