Mary W. Capers Thomason, at Lancaster Court House, to Bettie Braxton. 1869 January 29, 1870 February 5

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looking place & but few comforts in it) for

Methodist Preachers wives will never be cheer-

ful if they depend on their [?] for

happiness : then too the little "angel of the

household" fills the otherwise cheerless place

with brightest sunshine : What are you

doing with yourself & how did you spend

your Christmas? I spent the day very hap-

pily tho' the weather was so bad, for we all

dined at my married Sisters & 'twas so de-

lightful to have so many members of the

family circle together once again : we

had fixed a Christmas tree too, which

was quite a success & being the first

since the war, we enjoyed it exceedingly

The little ones clapped their hands &

danced round it in perfect delight & we,


[Marginalia – cross written on page]

(the older ones) wee equally well pleased : indeed I felt myself a

child again :  "Not at all strange" would be Mr T__'s comment could

he read that last sentence, for he says I never will be anything

but a child about some things " & he makes quite a baby of me "

I do wish, dear Bettie, I could take a peep at you just now!

wonder what I would find you doing? Do you ever think of

me now unless such a reminder as this is placed before you?

Dinner awaits my attention & I must stop, hoping soon to hear

from you : A sweet kiss & just as much love as you want, from