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Sept 11th 1872


Well, well, I declare I had no

intention of allowing your kind

letter to remain unanswered for so

long a time when even I

determined to write, something

would turn up to prevent my

writing, until I find that

months have lapsed.

Well we were married on the

1st Aug as you probably saw

by invitations sent & which you

received I hope. Then came

a round of gayety for several

weeks, then business came in

[&?] has kept me very busy.  Your

prophecy did not disturb me,

as I never did belong to the

superstitious ones, but I have

exercised my brain some to



[Marginalia – cross written on page]

[Follows Pg 4 text]


& give me all the neighbor hood news

[& in an?] early letter I was sorry to 

hear of the sickness of Mr. G. & Frank B.

hope they are better by now tho' I

suppose Mr. G. will never by well again

I do not wish to tire you too much

& will say good bye for this time

& say that I remain as ever

Your sincere friend

W. K. T.