W. K. T[?], at Collins Place, to Bettie Braxton. 1873 February 3, 1874 February 4

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Collins Place

Feb 4th 1874


Well Miss Bettie it has been

a very long time since I

last wrote to you and a

longer time since I heard

from you.  What has become

of you? this I often ask

myself, wondering why you

have not written.  You never

were a prompt corrispondent,

but now you have ceased

to be one of any kind.

Why so, I cannot imagine, is it

because your duties are so

numerous that you cant

possibly spare the time to

write? or is it that you have

gotten out of the way of

writing & find it hard to

carry into execution the resolve



[Marginalia – cross written on page]

[Follows Pg 4 text]


war beside family afflictions, twas a bad

crop year & besides a short crop, came a

very low price for cotton, which with the

panic in monetary affairs has placed most of

us in low circumstances.  With a new year tho'

we have all begun with new energy, hoping

to be most fortunate during this in every respect.

Labor [hands?] while still plenty is growing

hard to obtain under contracts, wishing mostly

to rent land.  We are gradually falling into

the tenant system in fact I have rented all

my plantation this year but a small portion

that I will work with my carriage horses.

[continues on Pg 2 marginalia]