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that you sometimes make, that

you will write to your old

friend? or is it that you feel

Ah! well he is married now &

does not need my letters or

care to receive them?  The latter

reason I suspect is the true

one, if so, you are mistaken.

There is no time that I would

not take very great pleasure

in reading a letter from

you.  The great kindness that

I received at the hands of

your good people is still very

fresh in my memory & your

letter were the only medium

through which I ever heard any

thing of yourself & others.

 Since I last wrote I have had

a great deal of happiness not

tho an unbroken chain of it

the rod of chastisement has


[Marginalia – cross written on page]

[Follows Pg 1 marginalia]


What are you all doing in the way of

planting.  I think tho your Mother adopted

the tenant system long ago.  If we could only

get a decent State Government we could still

make something of old S.C. but our

State & County officials are a set of

robbers & are trying to take all.

 We were very very sorry to hear of the

death of Mrs [Maria?[ & son, twas indeed

very sad.  We have not heard of any

of the particulars of their death, only

[continues on Pg 3 marginalia]