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been heavily laid on my

dear wife as well as my self.

During last May her Mother

was severely burnt, from her

clothes catching fire, & after [?]

a month of intense suffering

died.  I assure you Miss Bettie

words cannot near express the

sadness of such a death, after

a months indescribable bodily

anguish.  She was such a sweet

& gentle woman.  So intelligent &

refined, & with all so very pious

that it was indeed hard to see her

leave us.  Then too we were

called on to give up our

little boy, of four days all

a short while before her death.

The two coming so very near

each other, rendered it very

hard to bear, but I trust

we have been enabled through


[Marginalia – cross written on page]

[Follows Pg 2 marginalia]


heard of the fact & through old Mrs

Perkins, we did hear that neither [Dr?] nor 

Mrs [Wormeley?] wrote to her that she only

learned the particulars through a lady teacher

in the family.  I hope you will write me

very fully about it.  Also please write all

the news of the neighborhood.  I have not ever

heard of Miss Va marriage, but presume

she was married last Jan a year ago as

your wrote me.  Well Miss Bettie if I

write much more, you may refuse

[continues on Pg 4 marginalia]