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Having been entrusted by Sti: Bet: with

forwarding of her letter, I consider my

self entitled to slip a small note in for my own

benefit just to let you know how very much

you were missed by us.  (I allude to all the

gentlemen & myself particularly) on Christmas

and to pay a just tribute to our noble &

[generous?] friends. – but words can not do

justice to the kindest & noblest hospitality

that ever was shown, and we can only feel

that we are unworthy of such attention!

Now I'm inclined to scold you a little

bit, for having disappointed us so in

not coming home – but in consideration

of your good nature, [?] disposition &

ten thousand other charms, ever more

potent than those mentioned, I will only

say, we will pardon you if you will

only promise to come back very soon,

which condition is held [?]

Does not my Commanding General feel

that she has deserted her Colors? I

really feel as if my military glory had

all departed.  Please come soon &

[return?] it! -    Dont let Sti Bet: scold me

for this liberty!  Yrs &c J S. Capers.