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there was a sad accident happened in the camp

of Californa regulars yesterday they found a shell that

was made for a rifled cannon they thought it was

not good for nothing and threw it in the fire and

off it went and broke one of their legs and hurt

three of the others two of the boys that tent with me

were within twelve feet of it but did not get hurt

well ther the have come in and they are a braging

about chopping and cradling. and one miserable low

private in the rear rank is looking over my shoulder

well he has left now.  I visited the soldiers home and

talked with the old broken down soldiers some of them

have been in the service thirty years but there they have

a comfortable home they wear the uniform yet some of

have [?] lost their limbs and go on crutches we visited

the traitor Floyds plantation and the presidents

residence we also visited the soldiers burying ground there is

a great many new graves there


                                    January 5th 1862

to day is the sabath and I will finish this letter

before I go on inspection there will be preaching in camp

to day but I think I well I guess I will not

say what I think of the matter we have not been

payed yet.  when you write let me know wheather

you have broke the colts or not and how they are

a wintering &c  Give my respects to all yours in haste

Cassimer P Churchill