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               Washington June 2d 1862


Dear Sister Daphne

                        It is needless for me to

tell you how glad I was to receive a letter from you

yours is the onely letter I have received in over one

month  I expect that they do not reach me for I saw

one of my letters advertised in Washington papers

Well you will see by this letter that I am still

alive and in the land of the living though I came

pretty near not being for the tyfoid fever gave me as

loud a call as the enemys bullets ever did, but through

the hand of a kind providence I have been restored

to my usual health and strength  I was taken sick

the next day after the battle at West Point and I

lay on the ground burning with the fever for ten days

my bed was anything but comfortable but I would not

go to any hospital for they would not let me go with

my papers for my discharge as soon as I was able

to go home but I was bound to stay with the boys

let what would come and I am with them yet and

enjoying myself tip top.  You wish to know wheather

we were in the fight at williansburg or not.  there

was not but a part of us in the hotest of the fight

at that place for we had the amunition train to guard

and consequently we or a part of us was kept in the rear

to bring up the amunitons to the rest of the men that

were engaged