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At West Point the programme was about the

same onely our amuntion was on steam transports

in the river at this place there was not but one battallion

of our reg in the fight and they were with the

advance artillery we stoped at West Point with the

aminition for fifteen days and then we went up the

Pamunky river to the White house landing  I guess

that I will not tell you any thing more about the

affairs on the Paninsula for you will see by the

heading of this letter that we are not there now we

were ordered back to Washington by the secretary of

war to be mounted we went on board the steamer

South America on the 22 of May and arrived

here the next sundy morning and we marched

fron the landing up through the city to our old

camp that we left sixty days ago  we have got our

saddles bridals and arms and expect our this week we

probably shall join Bankses dvision when we are

mounted  You wanted to know who our captain

and Col is now Daph my motto is if I cannot

speak any good a person to not speak at all so

I will just mention their names Col John Beardsly

Capt B F Chamberlain of Randolph.  I have some

verry nice specimens that I brought from the rebel

forts at yorktown  I will send you some cotton seeds

that I got there.  You want to know what I think of

their institution I can assure you that I do not think