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of their institutions  I found the people of both

colors more ignorant than I had any idea they

were or could be in this day and age of the world

I will just repeat a little conversation that I had

with a young lady of appearantly high rank  I stoped

at her house to get a drink of water I asked her how

far it was to Yorktown she said its a rite smot

of a ways I reckon tis.  I then asked her if she had seen any

Yankees go by that morning.  Oh yes a rite smot of im

to there was.  they were on foot wasent they.  Oh yes

I reckon they was.  I then said that I did not go on foot

these hard times.  she says how do you go  I told her that

I came up by land on a steam boat.  a rite smot of

a way that is I reckon  Well I told her she could

see the craft by going down to the road.  (Professer

Lowe gas generater happened to be passing at that

time) she went and looked at it and then run and

called her mother to see the yankee steam boat on

land.  after that went past I asked her how many men

Johnson & Magruder had at Yorktown. Dont know but there

is a rite smot of them I reckon.  I then asked her if she

had heard the latest news.  she said that they had not

well I told her that the news we had was that the

Yankees under Comodore Foot had come over by land

with their gun boats and set the James river on

fire and had burnt up the Marinac  She looked at

me as sharp and said that was rite smot but that