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they could not have taken the Marimac

any other way  I then took my leave of

her and shouldered my gun and started on

I find that there is but difference between

the whites and blacks the negroes go about

our camps and pick up cloths that the soldiers

throw away so they are most all of them dressed

in uniform when we came back to Washington

we fetched back quite a number of thos slaves that

helped make the forts at Yorktown.


                      It is now time for

me to go go on duty so I must bring my

letter to a close  I should like to write more but

must stop now Dwite Watterman is in a hospital

here in the city sone where but I cannot find

him if you hear where he is please let me know

give my respects to all and write soon.


Yours in haste         C P C