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                Washington Feb 16th


               there was nothing of

               much importance a

               going in camp to day

Feb 17th we drilled in the sabre

squadron drill 18th It raine to day more

war news went on dress parade at

sundown Feb 19th We had a tip top

regimental drill, there was five other

regeaments on our drill ground a practice

ing on makeing charges three of their

horses fell down and two of them rolled

overr their riders and gathered themselves

up and dashed on after the rest of the

troop and left their riders to go limping

along digging the mud out of their eyes

I received a letter from home to day  Feb 20

our drill was the same as yesterday

I received a letter from Marcus and Eunice

Feb 21 Drill the same as before I received

a letter from Frank Williams to day