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Feb 22d I was on guard duty

to day the ground birds sang

so sweetly that time passed of

lively through the day at night

a shower of rain passed away the

time for me two officers came into

our camp so drunk that they could

hardly set on their horses there was a

private with them trying to get them

to their own camp one was a Captain

the other first Leiutenant quite a sight

for the [N.Y.?] 7th to exibit

Feb 23d to day is the Sabbath

I went to hear Stever preach his

text was the 29 vers of the fifth

Chap of Deut.  we had a bible class

in the evening and a tip top one

to there was 17 present  Elder Stever

came in for the first time it was

the first time that I have spoken

to him in camp  Feb 24 it was

very pleasant this morning we drilled