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This transcription is complete!

with the carbine it commenced

raining about noon and the wind

blew furiously it tore up some

of our tents and blew down some

of the trees in our camp  in the

citty it unroofed houses and blew down

two stone churches a tin shingle struct

a man in the neck and almost severed

his head from his body it killed him

we had a prisoner with his arms

and head through a barrel a marching

around with it the wind blew him

down and rolled him down a hill

adistance of 15 or twenty rods  Feb 25

it is verry pleasant this morning

there is a blue bird in the tree over

our tent a singing verry sweetly

it sounds like times past and gone

Feb 26 it is pleasant still we

have a regamental drill to day

Orlando & I wrote Old Mr. Kingslays 

foks aletter last night