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on they would explode and blow up whoever was on them

I got some sesesh [boex?] knives and lances or pikes and some harpers ferry

muskets and a revolver and a machine to arind hard hacks in

the rebels wrote on some of their tents these words follow

us on to Richmond but I think some of them will harlley

get there what does mot bite the dust will be baged and

put on the rip raps or some other place for safe keeping

I will not write a long letter for my onely object is to let

you know that I am alive and well and anxious to hear

the order forward  the reason why we did not advance with

the rest is that we were detailed for provost guards and

I am on such duty to day.  give my respects to all and

write soon and direct the same as before  tell Eunice & Mark

that they owe me a letter and I want it soon for I should

not like to go to law about it.  We to day that richmond

was taken no more at present

          Yours in haste