1860 August 26. Letter from Richard Hollingsworth, Union County, Arkansas, to Joseph Hollingsworth, Fayetteville, North Carolina. 

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        Union County Arkansas August 26th 1860

      Dear Brother pleas pardon my neglect of

       writing I have no good news to write now

we have had a very Serious drought in June

Some of the hotest dryest wether I ever Saw

there wasSeveral of our family took the

chills with Severe feevers which lasted for

Some time we are all tolerable well now

the drought has almost ruined our Corn

we have scarcely made Enough to feed the

family we had a good Rain on the 16th of

July and good Seasons Since that time

peas planted the 10th of June come up after

the 20th of July we have a fine prospect

for a good crop of peas and potatoes if

the frost does not come two soon for them

our cotton is doing much better then we

once Expected the drought was worse in

some parts of Louieseanna & Texas then

here I Send you a paper that you may

see the destressing condition of many of

the Citisens of those 2 States I have ben

almost reddy to give up all hope but Since

the Rain my new ground corn has mad

Some we had a field old ground about 14

acres which ought to made 150 bushels but

will hardly make 2 bushels to the acre

we had a large crop on hand and all

worked very hard I can only Say the will