1860 August 26. Letter from Richard Hollingsworth, Union County, Arkansas, to Joseph Hollingsworth, Fayetteville, North Carolina. 

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of the Lord be done  Judson worked with

me this year for a part of the crop I fed

him and his horse I bought 50 bushels of

corn last winter at 75 cts and thot that

would be Enough to Serve us but having to

feed judsons horse I lacked 50 bushels more

and could not get it without the money and

had to borrow the money at ten percent

interest and then give one dollar and 25 cts

pr bushel for corn that had ben Shiped

from New Orleans we hauled it 18 miles

from the River Our only hope to get money

to pay our debts was our crop the money

that I ought to have Sent to you I give

for the corn I bought last winter and Expected

to pay you out of the money that I would get

for my cotton this winter now my Expectations

are blighted but this much I will Say I will

Send it to you as Soon as I can do not think

hard of me about it.  Judson Received a letter

from Couisen R. T. Ellis yesterday which

informed us that his Brother Wm James was

deranged it must be verry distressing to his

parents & all the conection we simpathese

with them tell Sister Mary dont greeve

too much about it commit her child her

self and all her troubles to Jesus all

our help must come from him he

that formed the Eye Shall he not See