1860 August 26. Letter from Richard Hollingsworth, Union County, Arkansas, to Joseph Hollingsworth, Fayetteville, North Carolina. 

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and he that formed the Eare shall he

not hear in him is life and that life

is the light of men he has Said come

unto me all ye that labour and are heavy

laden and I will give you rest.


Dear Brother we are taught in the word

of god that it is through great tribulation

that we are to Enter into Heaven we all

have our troubles and Sevear trials to

contend with and these trials try us

as gold is tried in the fire the pure

gold looses nothing but the Dross and

comes out of the furnece refined

pray for me that I may not be consumed

like the dross and at last become a

castaway the days are now com when

have but little pleasure in them.


Dear Brother there is a good deal of

Excitiment about coming Presidential

Election pleas write to me and let me

know what candidates Our party

will Support  I wish to Support the

Constitution and the Union pleas give

our love to all the family farewell


                    Richard Hollingsworth


To Joseph Hollingsworth