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not go to the fair at Henderson

Mr Mills said that we could

not go  The fair in Raleigh was

this week,  We have a gentleman

to learn us to sing,  We have

to ware blue now  I have got

me a blue shawl and some

ribbon to dress my bonnet  Miss

Cate Braswell said that she would

dress it to morrow  I have got me

one dress and has made it in

leasure times it is debeige cost

12 or 16 pr yd  I made it and

saved 3 dollars and one of my room

mates finished hers to day and my

self  I have not but 6 weeks to

stay up hear and I am so glad

Wont you come up

hear and bring sister with you

I wish that Pa would come up

hear and see this place 

wont you come up