1867 October 4. Eliza Ann S., Brown Marsh, North Carolina, to her cousin, Joseph W. Hollingsworth. 

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                    Brown Marsh

                       Oct 4th 1867


Dear Cousin


            Your long looked for letter came to

hand at last.  Mary E and myself thought you had

forgotten us, you dont know how we did miss you

we had the blues so bad we didnt know what to do,

we tryed to console each other and went over to James

Kelly and he said he was going to write to you to come

back, tell Fannie he had the blues too, ask her how

she felt if she didnt have them some ?


Mary E and myself thought you had forgotten us and

we would forget you too, but we had not quite.


I went to [RoSieson?] but did not go to the springs but one time

I went to a picnic one saturday a great many people were there

but most evry person seemed to be dull, they needed you

there didnt they?


Well dear I have somthing to tell you Dannie Kelly is married

he was married a week before any of his people knew it,

he married a Miss [Higgean?] she is not pretty but I reckon

she will do for Dan, his people are not very well pleased.


Andrew Lennon stayed with me last saturday night

and went to church sunday, but I think he was disapoin-

ted he did not meet with some of his Sweet Hearts.


Mary Kelly and Aunt Mary went out there to church

Saturday before last Mary was very much pleased with