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                              Camp Douglass

                                   Sunday evening

                                       Septr 21st 1862

My dear absent one, Celia,

                   Pet darling, I recd your

kind letter to day, and as you are apparently

anxious I should give you credit for all you

write, in justice to you I have recd all the six

letters, and the matter is - I have not written

Enough by two. But you forget when I used to

do all the writing at home - and how you have

kept me without night after night, and you

had nothing more to do then than you have

now, except to teach school a little which was

not very hard work and every Wednesday Night

(or a little oftener sometimes) to do a little loving

which was not hard work either, and -

occasionally you used to get a headache "which

was of no consequence not the least in the world what-

ever." in as much as you used to be about, the

next day!! apparently alive!! which was

adundant proof that complaints of indispo

sition on your part needed no attention