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and were altogether groundless.

But I do hope in a few days to see you again, I say

I Hope for hope is Heaven's own gift to struggling

mortals, pervading like some subtle essence from

the skies, all things both good and bad - as uni-

versal as Death, as infectious as Disease

but I am getting poetic - by the way I had

a letter from Alvah and Jim Hanna yes-

terday or rather last night 3 letters in 24 hours

good - By George! Al writes a good letter and

if he was your sister instead of your brother

I would fall in love with him too. but dont tell


I like the verses you send me you sweet little darling

for my own part I prefer modern courtship -

in as much as a fellow can call his darling

all sorts of nice names, without being in

danger of been esteemed primitive - a state

of things to be guarded against by all true

lovers, especially in the 19th century and

a country town.

   My darling so Fannie Hale trembled

like an aspen leaf did she? When she was