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passing examination, and did not know how

many circumferences, and diameters (tangents

arcs, segments, guadrupeds etc and more

geological questions too) you made before

you reached home with me from church on

Sunday evenings. Lord knows!! how many I

made on leaving you - and I could not begin

to count how many times, I have pulled off

my boots, and like a "guilty thing" sought my

lonely chamber so silently that I used to

associate my bedroom with the "Silent Land"

in as much as you used to make me say

who shall lead me thither, I cant get

away from here into the "Silent Land"

yes I have pulled off my boots, much to

the danger of getting and suffering from

sunday colds in the head next morning -

and a peculiar sleepiness about the eyes

which I have even observed in you,

   Why God bless your little soul! I have

paid you visits on evenings, when I ought

to have sent you straight off to bed - without

any supper - but instead have kept you up -