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suffering just on purpose now is not that so?

And if you had not have been so sleepy

the night I threw cassia buds at you

I should have not thrown them and

Consequently never have kissed you.

But now I can kiss you should the obstacles

be twenty thousand hemispheres each

hemisphere populated with Fannie Hales

    I have been thinking of you all day

to day and now 1/2 past 8 instead of being

about 1/2 a yard or less from your side (so

close indeed that I could put my arm

round you waist should I choose, - which

I never did of course) I am by lastest

calculations made by myself five minutes

ago about Three Million Eight Hun-

dred and one Thousand and

Six hundred inches and Three

Quarters and odd from your side

as newspapers say these figures are

calculated with a "zeal much worthy

a better cause" which if I am the

cause they are indeed more worthy