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If the darling of my heart should find her

Old Richard (old mind you) by her side

some of there nights what would she say

answer - Well darling as soon as I get

paid I will try and come but I dont see

how I can get away -

Give my respects to your mother I have thought

of her too as well as you to day - thought -

(this Sunday) - how good she was, and

like my own departed mother how resigned

to every dispensation of an all Wise Provi-

dence. of her may trial (and she has had

not a few) of her christian walk in life

and example to you and I. And of her

Especial kindness to me that will never

be forgotten in as much that the memory

of you is connect with it and how

if even absent could I ever forget you

         "There's not an hour,

   Of day or dreaming night but I am with


   There's not a wind but whispers of thy