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            Sunday, Morning

                 Sept 28 - 1862

My very darling Celia,

                 I am alone

my partner is paid off - so are all

the 3 mos men - and they are mus-

tered out - and I am left alone

here in suspense about my pay -

I shall get it but there will be

such a lot of "going round about"

to do it - as I left it entirely with

Dr McVickar - I have a startling

incident!!! or rather co-incidence

I had been putting up prescriptions

yesterday in this stinking, filthy,

reeking hole - when I had just about

1/2 an hours cessation of labor - about

4 oclock taking my camp stool I went outside

the door (which I had not been outside

for 14 hours) and I saw a lieutenant

of the Hospital Guard - very much

like George Doane in appearance