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and as Dean Trench (Hulsean Lectures)

has it

Love found me in the wilderness at cost

Of painful quests, when I myself had lost.


Love on its shoulders joyfully did lay

Me, weary with the greatness of my way.


Love, lit the lamp, and swept the house all round

Till the lost money in the end was found.


Love the kings image there would stamp again,

Effaced in part, and soiled with rust & Stain


T'was Love, whose quick and ever watchful eye

The wanderer's first-step homeward did espy -

From its own wardrobe, Love gave word to


What things I needed - shoes and robe - and ring.


Is not that pretty - so are you - my Love -

When I come down, you shall have a ring

too - and someday a wardrobe - till then

my darling yours in Life and Death

  not one jot or tittle less loving -

   KISSES           Richard