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               Sunday July 31 - 1864

                 211 Washington St


My darling wife and Love,

                            I am at home here -

or trying to feel I am at home but no place

will be like home till I live with you again.

        Mr Wells preached at Church of Holy

Communion this morning (Mr [Hayes] church

you know) and will preach again this Eve

    I have not been nor shall not go

because I want to avoid answering questions

as to you and myself.

     Darling I shall have a holiday

on the 4th next month I wish it extended

to the 8th & I had good clothes, I would

try & come down & see you and brave

all out.

    Darling I think God has helped me

& watched me so far. I have prayed for grace

and am getting more resigned

    Oh darling, do please to love me again

I will never offend by a word again if you

will please to try & renew your love toward me

I have lost taste for everything even reading

I feel happiest only when I am alone & then

I think of you - I think are we separated

for ever, darling dont case me off - you did

not say in your last whether you still loved

me say it in this next

                   Write by return of mail

                   Yrs in affectionate love

                               in Christ

P.S. My love to Agnes          Richard