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R.R. McCORMICK,              W.H. CALLENDER,

   Of late firm of A. & McC.     With late firm of A. & McC.

             Office of McCormick & Callender,

                    Nos. 211 & 213 SOUTH WATER STREET.

                            Chicago, August 31 1864

My dear Wife

    I once more Sit down to write to you

and I may as well say Sit down for I cannot

stand I have met with an accident at the Store

by which my right foot is disabled and I have been

unable to work since Monday - a barrel of Oil fell

on my foot bruising it severly in fact the worst

bruise I have received in my life it may be a

week before I shall be able to work again.

Mr & Mrs Dell tell me your father is in town I

asked them naturally what he had to say

Dell would tell me nothing from which I inferred

it was nothing complimentary to myself

Mrs Dell told me he spoke uncharitably of me.

   Now Celia there is no use of you or your

parents acting so towards me I am doing the

best I can and what more can you expect

of me if you are my wife why do you not

help me all the peace I get or have had

Since you left me is that which comes from

the consciousness of my own rectitude, how

long are you going to be so estranged from

me, in no letter have you written me one word

of encouragement or given me a ray of hope