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there is not a day but that I think of you

and yet you do not write & I am ignorant

of your welfare. How long is this to continue

if you are bound never to live with me again

why dont you say so answer me this.

  Are you willing I should come to Morris

and see you (not at your fathers house necessarily)

Would a personal interview be a satisfaction

recollect you are yet my wife and owe me

Some obedience you have vowed the same

before God bad as I have acted you know

it is due me just as much as filial affec


  What will you have me do consult your parents

but send me something definite.

I shall be compelled to have some satisfaction

or rather some knowledge of what our future

course is to be - whether it is to be a final separation

or probabionary [cou]rse - for to be kept in suspense

I cannot stand longer

  If anything you have done was intended

to have a salutary Effect on me take my

word it has had it. I have had all the

Suffering I deserved if I had still more

Sinned against you than I did

  I have attempted to write you cheering

letters, but to no Effect for you keep me

half way between. Now you know as well