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                                   Saturday Evening

My dear wife,

            I have recd two letters from you

one when in Camp Douglass & one last night

You seem to write very strangly, you give me

no encouragement, but appear to pour out a

dismal complaint, all the time of your [?]

Sufferings I suffer the same & nothing I am

persuaded but a personal interview will cure

Either of us, I have a place by which we can

live together will you try the experiment

My wages I guess I can get raised to 1500 per

week, now I can get board for both of us

where I am now (I have mov'd again) 209

Washington St for 1000 pr week leaving a

balance of 2000 pr mo for our other expenses

now this is cheaper than keeping house -

     The house is a good one there

are only about 10 persons including 2 families

Stay here, the people who keep it Mr Montgomery

& family are decent folks they are from

Bloomington Ill & pleasent people.

the board & Rooms are excellent, lighted with

gas etc - two minutes walk from the Court

House - and 5 minutes from Mr Hagers Church

   We could live pleasantly together for

my punishment has been Such that you can

put the utmost trust in my integrity for the

future..                                    over