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My prospects are good - and noboby now in

Chicago is keeping house. Even our Irish

Porter is boarding. It sickens me to the heart

to see others happy in their married life

and you & I so dejected and separated. "How

long oh Lord! how long"? is this to continue

   Darling I have the energy & confidence

that I can work my own salvation

do assist and trust me. God will help us

both if we help each other. My present

estrangement from you as my wife & help

meet, is not really beneficial to either

of us just ask yourself if it is - Try this

a month.

   I have another place which you

may adopt if you conclude to come up

here just as you please or not - For one

dollar a month. Wheeler & Wilson rent

sewing machines, you could rent one &

make a few dollars to our little store by

learning to "run the machine" but that is

optional any of my friends will teach you

if you want to learn. We could begin

life anew with hearts & hands firm to the

work - You bestow lots of imaginary

"woes" on me if I sin again - I "aint a goin

to do it" I feel happy to night

     You see I quit at 4 saturdays and

have after 6 other nights & all Sundays

to myself.