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Why darling we would be nearly always

together. I have just written a letter to

Maria & told her all about you (but I did

not say how unhappy we have been) & a letter

to Strehl & one to a friend in Milwaukee

you see I have lots of writing done well

I felt like it and the evenings are dark

so I thought I would - I was just

going to send a morbid letter to you but

this happy thought on the first page of

this possessed me and I feel manly and

much better for it.

      Mrs Dell is well I told her

I heard from you & showed her your

back hand XXIII Psalm

     So John Verby and you visited

alone did you? Ill pay you for that.

   You complain of the necessaries

of life - I will attend to them you

shall have elastics & thread & spools &c

and more too. But what about my

plan I have a little money not much

I am sorry to say but enough to start

this project will you come in? Write

me Drawer 6210 as usual now I aint in

the army.

    So you are teaching for Jennie

are you do you sing "wake up little boy

from oo dowsy nap" to the children

     Hows Helen he! he! Ma Dicks

going to be good again