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   Oh Celia I may have told you I

loved you and acted differently but

I never wrote you I loved you but that

I sincerely felt it - Hope do not be

cast down - Sunday fortnight ago

I heard the following in Dr Clarksons

Church it "Converted my soul"

Hymn 206

    Why mournest thou, my anxious soul

    Desparing of releif,

    As if the Lord o'erlooked they cares,

    Or pitied not thy grief?


    Art thou afraid his power will fail

    In sorrows Evil day?

3  Can the Creator Mighty arm

    Grow weary or decay?


5   He gives the conquest to the weak

     Supports the fainting heart

And courage in the Evil hour

His heavenly aids impart.


May He preserve me, increase in

me true unfeigned Religion nourish me

with all good things, help me Employ

my talents, mind, memory, life,

everything I am or will be henceforth

for Ever to his service, pardoning fully

of his boundless mercy my Past - Enriching

with his grace my Unknown future

good night dear wife

       Yrs affectionately