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Dear Celia

            Since I wrote you last night I

have been to bed, and in my waking moments

have thought that it does not pay to be too

mean or it might become chronic, but it sometimes

answers in this world to be mean Especially when

you are dunned for the payment of a bill you

have not the slightest knowledge of owing

                                    If I have to

pay that bill I reserve the right of choosing my

own way of doing it, I shall make a draft

of 14 dollars payable to order of Dr J D Matthews

himself (for what is his wife's is his) and send a

bill for One only box Cheesemans Female Pills 100

per Mrs Morgan for Mrs Matthews. You forget

that I suppose - I had to pay the bill and

I dont propose to lose it

             Mrs M and you are chums I know

but blame me if I dont believe you have made

too much of a confidante of her instead of

your much abused husband


Jan 14 - 1865