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started a dime society for their benefit

they received $35,00 and the Odd fellows

presented them with fifty more and

they meet once a week to sew for

them If I was better aquainted with

this place I might give you somethig

of a history of it It is quite a

business place and containes about

eight thousand inhabitants

how are you getting along and how

do you like teaching school in Morris

have you heard from Mr Haynes

since he went into camp he promise

to write to me but I have not heard

from him has his company left

Ottawa yet     I have not much to

write as you are not aquanted

with any one here her I hope you

will write soon I shall expect to

hear from very soon my love to

you all

    yours truly

Celia Frary               Mary E Robinson

direction  Akron Ohio  care of [D?] Farnam