Nancy Wier, Hopkins County, Kentucky, to Mrs. Sarah M. Miller, Danville, Virginia, 1848 April 26

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Hopkins county Kentucky april 26th 1848


    Dear Sister after my respects to you I will

write you a few lines to let you know I am liveing

and as well as could be expected at this time

all the rest is weell the reason I have not wrote

to you before now [Mrs?] Wilkes son informed mee

in her letter that you and billy Jane was in

patrick and she did not know when you

would return and I thought I would hear when

you did return but I have never heard whether

you have come home or not I want to hear from

you all very bad indeed worse than I ever have

since I have been here and do not neglect writing 

as Soon as you get this it has not bin neglect

of mee for I did not expect you had come home

I have nothing of importane to write you can

write mee more than I can you because you

[and?] Jane acquainted [their?] and you [is] not here

give my respects to all the children and

to father and tell father I think very

strange of his never writeing to me since

I have bin here I cant think he thinks much

about mee Louisa you must all write mee something

in Sister Sarah's letter I want to see you very bad

be A good girl I hope I shall see you all again in

this world but if wee should be so unfortun as never

to meet again in this world let us try to meet in A

better to come John you must write to mee to and be

A good boy do not bee wicked and wild and when

you get to bee older you will say my advice to

you was write all ways remember mee to billy Jane

I wish I could see her lovely face to day Virginia

says give her love to you all and tell you all

she is going to Shool school this year and likes

to go very much Louisa she very often speaks

your and her and billys plays together