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little William is A sweet little boy every body that

sees him loves him he is A very affectionate child

he is the prettys little boy in Hopkins county he can

play his marbles cut with his axe and ride his [?]

horse when he wants to his [pas?] very often speaks

of conveying him to that country next fall when

he comes Sister Sarah I want you this year to save

mee all the pretty flower Seeds you can get

of good peach and damson cherry Seeds all the

good fruit Seeds you can get get mee some box

wood and Send mee if you can and take up

some tulips roots send mee if you send mee any

flower seeds mark the names on them send them

next fall  I have bin requested to write to you

Send them and I want some for myself you

must write to mee if you have any idea of

marrying at this time give my respects to

mrs bradly and elisabeth tell elisabeth She

must send mee word how manny beaus She

has and who they are and if she is [next?]

married Sister Sarah I wis you could see

some of the fashions of bed quilts here they

are butiful people tak more paines making

them here than they do there I want you to

send mee the fashions of dresses and bonetts and

every thing in our next letter wee heard Joel

A Motly had killed one of his own negoes and

was gone of I want you to write all about it

in your next letter and every thing about

every body there who is married and who is

dead and all the knews of every thing

people have bin healthye here since wee

have bin here than they were their  I like

our relation very well here Mr Wilkes son

and family is [comeing?] next fall they say

in their letter  I wish I could hear you all

were to Cinthy says tell [Jerrey?] and