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she is away.  Mr. Mitchel returned from Manassas Gap

yesterday – Says the men are all well and in fine spirits.

Saturday evening there were a good many on the sick

list.  Sunday morning the alarm was given that the yankees

were coming and in ten minutes very man was in

ranks.  Some one went round to see about the sick but

there wasn’t a sick man in the whole encampment.  He said

they were all eager for a fight – but perfectly cool.  They

were much disappointed when they found it was a

false alarm.  Mr. Ivey is going to the gap to-morrow or

next day,  They are fixing a large box of eatalbes for Winston.

The ladies are still at work for the Soldiers.  I sewed so

constantly yesterday that my eyes were paining me so this

morning I have not been sewing any scarcely today.

Several of the soldiers have died since you left.  The rest

of them are out of danger.  Aunt Ann has been com-

plaining for several days.  Mrs. [Teagle?] staid with us last

night.  She and Sis [Jennie?] went down to the Hall today.

   We have had strawberries and milk ever since you

left.  Mr. Winfree is in a hurry to go down town

so I must stop – Give a great deal of love to each

one and for your self receive a large portion.