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My dear Sister Jane

           I have but a few moments

in which to write; have been busy all day –

Was very glad to get your letter – Read it with

much pleasure.  Will try to follow your good


     Jinnie has told you we go into service

next Monday.  The company is ordered to muster

in at that time – I am not certain about the

result, some of the leading men in the com-

pany, who have been all along strong secessionists

have deserted us.  This has created ill feeling

among a good many of the lower class of men

and they say they will not go until the other class

of men go – they think it was a trap to catch them –

None of the officers are included in the number –

the others have acted in bad faith to the company,

officers and Country – so the mustering in is by

no means certain –

     There is nothing new here that has not already

reached you –

     Bro [M...?] thinks the peninsula

between James & York Rivers very much exposed –

He says there is not sufficient force to prevent Lin-

coln’s men from marching up by road and taking

the batteries in rear –

     Annie expects to leave Monday – Love to all

                             Affectionally your bro

                                                    C. V. Winfree