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but this traine was

some Joke, we are now

loaded in to a box car

about 25 men to a car we

are on our way to St. Maixant

Jan 3 we arrived in St. Maixant

3 days and night we have 

spent in these box cars.

Jan [11th] we received our

first mail from the U.S. 

Jan 18 we are leaving

St. Maixant for Romorantin

by Rail more box cars

but these are some better 

than the others as these

have some seats in them

but not enough for all. 

We passed thrue these towns 

on our way to Romorantin

Poiters. Tours. 

Jan 19 we arrived in Romorantin

                                          4.30 Pm

we spent 3 weeks in the 

French berricks we are

building up an American

Camp 5 miles from here

at Pruniers we are

to be perminantly here Pruniers